About Resources for Responsible Recruitment

Resources for Responsible Recruitment exposes:

  • lax government oversight of labor recruitment practices,
  • rampant corruption within supply chains,
  • risks in outsourcing recruitment to unscrupulous intermediaries, and 
  • lack of accountability measures at all levels of the supply chain.

Resources for Responsible Recruitment highlights what stakeholders are doing to end practices like:

  • charging fees to job seekers,
  • retaining identity documents to keep workers in exploitive jobs, and
  • manipulating and further indebting workers through threats and non-payment. 

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Please submit ideas to RRR. We are eager to highlight news and efforts to promote responsible recruitment. Creating a global system of fair hiring requires experimentation and sharing good practices. We hope this site provides a valuable venue for learning how to meet that goal.


Global profits from trafficking are estimated at US $31.6 billion annually.